Commercial Roofing Contractor Wilmington NC

The roof that is protecting your commercial and industrial facility has a lot of trust put in it. It plays a vital role in the protection of your building, assets, inventory, and your customers/clients/employees. Ensuring that is in top condition takes an experienced commercial roofing contractor, like Wolf Creek Commercial Roofing.

We are here to help you make sure that your roof is handled promptly and correctly, to avoid a premature roof failure. If your Wilmington, North Carolina property could use the experienced hands of our team, please call 910-612-8851.

Every Inspection Counts

When you work with our team at Wolf Creek Commercial Roofing, we start every project with a detailed roof inspection. The reason this is important is to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Even if you think there is only one trouble spot, our team will review all of the following during the inspection process:

  • Building envelope
  • Interior inspection
  • Edge-to-edge roof inspection
  • Roofing membrane
  • Roofing components (flashings, vents, etc.)
  • Drainage system
  • And more!

Once we’ve determined the exact cause of your roofing troubles, we’ll provide you with a customized plan for your facility.

Our team can help your property save significant amounts of time and money with regular roof inspections.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

When your facility is properly maintained, you can have the peace of mind that your roof is in top condition. Beyond the obvious benefits, did you know that commercial roof maintenance is required by almost all manufacturers to keep their warranty valid? If you didn’t, we highly suggest that you take a closer look at your warranty, then call our team. We’d be happy to put together a maintenance agreement that will not only give you the peace of mind you deserve, it will also keep your warranty from voiding.

Call Today to Learn More

If you’re ready to experience the care and professionalism that our team provides business owners throughout Wilmington, North Carolina, please give us a call. You can reach us at 910-612-8851. We’ll work diligently to earn your trust and be your go-to commercial roofing contractor.